Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Garden is IN!!

We finally finished the garden last week (and when I say "we" I really mean "K") but anyway I thought I would share all his hard work!!! I know it's a little late to be getting it going now, and I don't really have high hopes for the tomatoes, but hopefully the zucchini will be good. I've attened a couple events hosted by an awesome woman here and have learned some great tips for growing veggies here. I'm going to be planting more items in mid to late September, I'm really excited about planning our fall crop.

The tomato plants are towards the far end, there's 4 rows of them and then it's the zucchini and then 2 strawberry plants, I'm afraid the one on the left isn't going to make it. In the fall I plan on adding some lettuce plants, peppers and maybe some onions and carrots.

I turned to go back in the house and saw this....

The breaker for our AC compressor must have surged and then promplty BLEW UP!!!!
(I just fell off of the high I was having about the awesome garden bed being finished)
First thing we called Big T and talked to him about what would cause it and it seemed like we were probably going to need a new compressor motor. ugh like I can afford that right now. Anyway Big T and Katie were awesome enough to come up and look at it for us. They brought out a new box and the "correct" kind of breaker or pull switch for it. Thankfully thats all it was and we don't need the new motor, yet.
(the thought of replacing that is still looming over my head)
But now it looks so much better, not all burnt up.
(of course we still need to repaint the wall, but I guess we can just add that to the "to do" list)
ugh that list never gets any shorter, finish one item add two!!!

THANKS again Big T and Katie!!!


Emily said...

Wow! you are on the ball.....yeah, i can send it along, just email me with your info and I'll let you know more details :)

JOY said...

Awesome Garden Bed! Now onto the clipboards - I fixed the link! Thanks for letting me know. :0)

OurLittleFamily said...

For some reason I missed this post. I apologize. I saw the results on FB. Your garden looks great.

Crazy about the AC breaker. I would be worried to, but thank goodness your friends took care of it for deserve the favor as you and K have given so much help to others. Love ya!